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I met Linda, shortly after moving to Dursley in Glos. She had moved next door. At first I only had glimpses of it in his garden behind the house. She was married with a son and frequent arguments, it is clear that the marriage was on the rocks. Her husband was a bit of a coward, a child of the mummies and the parents were a big part of the problem. Linda was 24 years old, 5'8 ', a sexy thin over ten clear he wanted an ass fucking. 34b had small breasts, but compensated with long legs and shapely. snuffx A red head, was beautiful and sexy ( usually not my type ). less than a month, Hubbie and lived with his mother. You will, however spent most of their time sunbathing in the garden or walking around a bikini. as the days passed, it was obvious that if they can not cope, but it was a practical woman. from time to time asking me to fix something or help snuffx others and force me. with time, we had an honest and frank discussion had talked about of our individual sex life. as things were, I was getting a good deal of it, because I would always be nearby and snatch a bird's eye view worms and their asses. The time came when she said snuffx she had to do something for me, as a token of appreciation. She suggested that she make a meal and invited me around. in the afternoon I went round in shorts and shirt. However, I was there, dressed to the nines in a low cut tight top that has a high neckline, short skirt, high heels and I was thinking socks. I apologized for my dress, but she just laughed it off, gave me a drink and went to the kitchen. Set the table and asked me if I was his hand (fingers, penis, what thinkng fist ) wanted. I always went to his inclination a pan in a cupboard to see. snuffx Linda skirt had ridden the back of the legs, show a good tight ass and legs in stockings. It was forgotten or what I was taught, or it was intentional. left behind her and put myHands on hips, snuffx she did not move, I began to fondle cute donkey running their hands over their tight silk panties. To move or not said a word, as I did. I encouraged my left hand on the crack of her ass. Stroking and caressing her that I relaxed my fingers under the fabric, Bellows moved one hand, I sat at her neatly trimmed pussy and ass. based on the work surface, as I relaxed my fingers in her Cunny wet finger started about two, three then four fingers. He kneels behind her, opened my legs further apart with the knees and began to shoot his ejaculate and probing ass with my tongue. The taste of her was great in my mouth, I pulled her cheeks wide exposing her hot little hole full of stick my tongue in the ass. of their groans that he was enjoying the experience. The hot dog was putty in my hands, I had a tight ass finger with saliva and juice, and then facilitate a second I pulled out wide. The skirt was around himr the waist, panties stretched aside, had her top up and unclipped her bra pushed the dirty shameless over the counter timmer ass and pussy spread ready for the cock. put your feet together and pulled her panties down over her half- clad legs then spread to his feet as much as possible. Dropping shorts I stuck four fingers in her pussy and put them back and went to the level of my cock. With the push I forced my cock into her hole and began to walk with such force I could muster, deep pots, pans, dishes on the floor, like the prostitute has a hard time. The dog was enjoying those used, I pulled her hair, touched her breasts and nipples, forced her to scream in pain and more. Grab a plastic spoon that put him in the ass, she was running and shaking beneath me like a train. Juice ran down her thighs wet socks. Drawing from her pussy, I deviate from the spoon and take his cum in her ass, sliding it deep intor since I slipped my hand into her pussy, I could feel it in the ass. She was enjoying every second of it, as he used his fists and ass before stopping. I pushed my cock up and down the line of her ass by inserting them into her pussy I rode for a few minutes before you start abusing my cock in her ass on. His star tight little excited as I slipped into it, the muscles of his firm refused, as she took my length inside her, and began to walk. I was close to cumming, but I wanted to fuck her mouth and shoot my load on her face, I threw round shot my face snuffx and ordered him to his knees in front of me. With a handful of hair I pulled the head back snuffx and my cock from snuffx her hit in the face before my cock slid deep into her dirty mouth bitch move to the snuffx back of the throat, choking the prostitute as I fucking face fucking until I felt I could not hold back snuffx and shot my cum in her mouth fucking nonsense, I'm pulling back the rest of my semen masturbated in his face anxious and tits. semenran down his face hanging on the chin snuffx and stroked her breasts. The snuffx dog was a mess. I told him I liked his look and the dog to stay, as it was. We have a position sub / dom had been established. While the rest of the night, I was pleased, as and when wanted. We talked about our likes and dislikes, etc. The problem with Linda 's marriage was that she was very snuffx minor and enjoy BDSM, who also won popularity by his men snuffx rough and tough, her husband was cowardly sex as an expression of lve is only in the missionary position. I said my rules ; I did not like my wife to wash all this would take my way, and in my presence was not wearing when she would not be severely punished. that do not get in the future on the legs, but sit with them to spread a little. The fact that they contribute to short skirts and always pulling her skirt as she sat on her bare ass right on the court. that we must go to him for my pleasure and want to expose how and whenthe one I wanted. They agreed in the service of all my desires and whims. I took it as my slave and she gave me as a teacher. Only the beginning...............
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